New Reasons to Keep Women (and Everyone Else) Out of the Kitchen

For many, the kitchen has traditionally been a place of great comfort and warm fuzzy feelings, but a new study has found that the kitchen might actually be a dangerous and miserable place—not because of the temptation of that freshly baked cake, but because the oven you use to bake that cake might actually be filling… »6/18/12 2:55pm6/18/12 2:55pm


Why Takeout Is Evil...And Other Stuff to Feel Guilty About

So, takeout makes for a lot of environmentally-unfriendly plastic. But cooking for one results in wasted food. Oh noes! What's the guilty eater to do? In today's "Green Lantern" column »11/18/08 4:40pm11/18/08 4:40pm, Slate writer Jacob Leibenluft takes on to-go's carbon footprint. Can we justify it in these greening times? More to the point, can we…