Women Around The World Swear That British Men Suck

This one goes out to Tad Safran (you remember, the guy living in the UK who wrote that British women were unkempt fatties?): Women who move to the UK from abroad find British men highly disappointing, writes Julia Llewellyn Smith for Telegraph. Jennifer Rohn moved to London from Idaho. She says British men are "witty… » 1/28/08 2:40pm 1/28/08 2:40pm

British Lass Responds To Lady-Basher Tad Safran

Remember Tad Safran? He wrote that British women are ill-kempt fatties who don't spend time or money on "obligatory beauty maintenance." Then he let everyone know that he did not regret what he'd written, though it earned him the title "Sexist Of The Year." Well, Carol Midgley, known as The Bargainhunter, has penned a » 1/14/08 6:00pm 1/14/08 6:00pm

Daily Mail Columnist: American Women Are "Mindbogglingly Stupid"

Writer and Sexist of the Year Tad Safran, who has spent the past month insulting both British and American women (and in some cases, American women playing British women, like Renee Zellweger in Bridget Jones), is ostensibly the subject of a column in today's Daily Mail called The Man Who Called British Women 'Ugly'… » 12/28/07 11:00am 12/28/07 11:00am

"Sexist Of The Year" Tad Safran Has No Shame

Last week, an American screenwriter named Tad Safran claimed that unlike American females, British women simply do not take care of themselves. "When British women get to the age where they have to make an effort, they appear unable, or uninterested, in rising to the challenge," he wrote for the Times of London. This… » 12/17/07 10:30am 12/17/07 10:30am

Man Named "Tad" Insults Women On Both Sides Of Pond

In today's Times of London, Tad Safran argues that American women are more well-groomed than British women. "When British women get to the age where they have to make an effort," he writes, "they appear unable, or uninterested, in rising to the challenge." Safran, who is American but has lived in England since he was 3,… » 12/11/07 1:30pm 12/11/07 1:30pm