Urban Outfitters Pulls "Eat Less" Shirt

Following Perez Hilton's lead, Urban Outfitters has pulled its "Eat Less" shirt from its website. Those who still want to dress like assholes, however, can find the tee in stores. [Huffington Post] » 6/04/10 5:30pm 6/04/10 5:30pm

Urban Outfitters Pushes Pro-Ana Movement

Perez Hilton may have pulled his anorexia-promoting t-shirt, but Urban Outfitters has stepped in to fill the void in customers' closets, if not their bellies, with this charming number. At least it doesn't say anything about Obama. [Urban Outfitters] » 6/02/10 6:20pm 6/02/10 6:20pm

Perez Pulls Pro-Ana Shirts

Perez Hilton says he didn't know "Nothing Tastes As Good As Skinny Feels" was a pro-ana slogan, and that he's pulled the shirts because he "didn't want to encourage anyone to possibly be anorexic." Baby steps, we guess. [CocoPerez] » 6/01/10 3:40pm 6/01/10 3:40pm

Perez Hilton Hawks Pro-Ana Shirt

Given Perez Hilton's track record of offensiveness, perhaps we shouldn't be surprised that he's promoting pro-ana merchandise. Maybe a little more surprising: channeling Kate Moss. » 5/26/10 11:00am 5/26/10 11:00am