Lazy Sloths Rejoice: Fashion Officially Wants You To Dress Like a Slob

At some point about two years ago, I decided that I would aspire to turn my entire closet into clothing that resembled the drape and fit of a Snuggie, without actually looking like a Snuggie. Not that I even own a Snuggie, but the concept of walking around at all times while wearing a garment that had the give of a… »1/05/15 3:51pm1/05/15 3:51pm

Marie Claire's Ultimate Loungewear Guide Is an Affront to Loungewear

Marie Claire's Ultimate Loungewear Guide is an affront to loungewear everywhere. This is the most qualified statement I've ever made in my entire life. If being otiose were a nationstate instead of a state of mind, I would be its beloved regent. When I used to work from home, I had three separate bathrobes that I… »11/27/13 10:35am11/27/13 10:35am

Teenagers Wear Pajamas to School, Erode Moral Fiber of Society

It often seems like the biggest ambition of most Americans is to be 110% comfortable during every moment of their existence, especially when it comes to their fashion choices. And it looks like our nation's youth are doing their very best to blaze new trails in this quest for constant comfort. According to the Wall… »1/19/12 1:00pm1/19/12 1:00pm

Your Love Of Sweatpants Is Driving Men Away

We've finally learned why there are so many single women in New York, thanks to a coffee wrapper spotted by a Copyranter tipster. You see, anytime you leave your apartment looking like anything less than a dolled-up sex goddess, men immediately pick up stakes and set out for a location where women's primary occupation… »12/20/11 10:50am12/20/11 10:50am