The Best Child Beauty Pageant Coaches Are Queens

When we posted a clip on Christmas Eve of Swan Brooner from Living Dolls: The Making of a Child Beauty Queen, we were psyched to see you guys were as enthusiastic about this documentary as we are. We love it — like, psychotically. We figured we'd give you another taste, this time, a clip of Shane King and Michael… » 1/04/08 7:00pm 1/04/08 7:00pm

Swan Brooner: Child Beauty Queen, Not-So-Merry "Holiday Barbie"

The Christmas season is supposed to be a happy time for kids who are looking forward to an orgy of toys, sweets, and time off from school. But for some kids, there are much more important matters at hand this time of year; ones that carry grave consequences — like fucking up your modeling in the Christmaswear… » 12/24/07 11:00am 12/24/07 11:00am