'Elle' Magazine's Fashion News Department: Now With Fewer People Than…

Elle's "fashion news" department has lost yet another member of its staff. Ordinarily we would not care, but Elle's fashion news department is helmed by one inimitable Anne Slowey, she of the occasional three-olive-a-day diet. Anne is blonde and, we hear, very spiritual, so we know she is handling the loss of senior… » 5/30/07 4:46pm 5/30/07 4:46pm

Obsessing About The 'Elle' Body Obsession Issue

We actually empathize - to the extent that we are capable of empathy - with fashion magazines' obsessions with body obsession. [You mean now that we have experienced firsthand the sick thrill of the pageview climb we get from POSTING WHAT YOU FUCKING ATE TODAY? -Ed.] For one thing, they sell! For another thing, they… » 5/24/07 1:57pm 5/24/07 1:57pm