Oops: Surgeon Put X-Rated Photos of Clients on the Internet Without Their Consent

You know those faceless before-and-after plastic surgery photos that surgeons post on their websites to advertise how skilled they are at breast augmentation or liposuction or what have you? Well, thanks to a bunch of confused people who don't understand how the internet works, tons of women are finding that images of… »8/13/12 2:00pm8/13/12 2:00pm


Chin Implants Skyrocket After People Realize They Look Terrible in Video Chats

When we think of plastic surgery, we tend to think first of nose jobs, but it turns out the biggest new trend in modifying one's face is getting chin implants. The American Society of Plastic Surgeons just released new statistics that show that chimplants, as they're charmingly known, are the fastest growing procedure… »4/16/12 11:20am4/16/12 11:20am

Bikini Bottoms Now Promote Genital Mutilation Awareness • Romanian Court Says Penis Worth $800K

Bathing suits in Barcelona now feature hygienic protectors in swim bottoms that feature a picture rusty razor blade that sits right under your ladyarea to raise awareness about genital mutilation. Wow, genius and kinda gross. • Josef Fritzl is apparently writing his memoirs while in prison, much to the horror of his… »7/07/08 5:30pm7/07/08 5:30pm