Just Say It: The Race-Baiting Tactics Of John McCain And Sarah Palin Are Reprehensible

Most people in this country would like to believe that visceral hatred for one's fellow Americans — including racism — is limited to a small number of radicals on either end of the political spectrum, or maybe to certain areas of the country. The truth is — as some of us are having to confront this week — that it's… »10/10/08 5:00pm10/10/08 5:00pm


Palin Supporters Ask Area Teen To Help "Make A Photoshop" • Evil Australian Gyno Finally Arrested

Wow, Sarah Palin gets Photoshopped »9/10/08 5:30pm9/10/08 5:30pm into something than a bikini. Is this progress? • In the past decade there has been a 40% increase of female soldiers training to be officers in the , as more and more UK soldiers are being expected to serve in Afghanistan and Iraq. • shows that sexual harassment is 10 times more…