Artist Draws Superheroines as Young Girls Imagine Them (Fully Clothed)

For the most part, when female superheroes aren't being treated as though they don't exist, they're depicted in tiny scraps of clothing and go-go boots, which is stupid because it's definitely a lot easier to be fatally wounded when all of your internal organs are not covered by any armor or clothing. »5/03/13 5:40pm5/03/13 5:40pm

Pregnant Woman Is Hit By Lightning, Gives Birth to Tiny Superhero

Stephanie Alberti was 13 weeks pregnant when she went to the racetrack with her husband. She was standing outside cheering him on in motocross when lightning struck and hit her through the ground. Hello, new worst nightmare. She was temporarily paralyzed, but even after she recovered she had to spend the next six… »1/19/12 9:30am1/19/12 9:30am