Where To Bag A Sugar Daddy

Want a rich man to keep you in Louboutins, diamonds, and fistfuls of cold hard cash? Look no further than the hotel bar, apparently a "hot spot" par excellence for lucky ladies "to get a Sugar date." » 7/13/11 2:55pm 7/13/11 2:55pm

Sugar Daddy Website Is Surprisingly Human

In looking at the the hideous case of a man raping a woman he met through the site sugardaddyforme.com, it's easy to jump to conclusions about the site and its community members...but people are rarely that simple. » 12/06/10 2:45pm 12/06/10 2:45pm

"You Can't Be Grossed Out" And The Other Insights From Trophy Wives

Even if that catch from SugarDaddyForMe.com is "a troll - face like Dom DeLuise, body like an ugly Mandy Patinkin," the smart Trophy Wife sucks it up (ew.) Herewith, the wisdom of the experts! » 10/19/10 2:53pm 10/19/10 2:53pm

Brave Hacky Woman Tries To Be "Sugar-Baby"

It's depressing that "I got a sugar-daddy" is becoming a new subgengre of young-woman memoir. And pursuing it under the guise of a a social experiment doesn't make it much better. » 5/26/10 1:20pm 5/26/10 1:20pm