A Clever Plan to Breed White Ladies Out of Existence

I'd like to take this moment to thank Men's Rights Activists for filling my cold black heart with delirious glee every time they come up with a new dumb idea. The newest one? White dudes, tired of the uppity bitchiness of western women, should marry a smiling, submissive brown lady, like the kind that wear banana… »5/17/12 11:50am5/17/12 11:50am


America-Loving Lawmaker Wants to Change Name of Gulf of Mexico

Because the state of Mississippi has not been embarrassed enough by the shenanigans of its lawmakers, one of the Jackson's finest has introduced a bill to the state legislature that would change the name of the Gulf of Mexico... to the Gulf of America. I bet he also drives a truck that shoots flames from its tailpipe. »2/09/12 4:30pm2/09/12 4:30pm