Yesterday I Dried My Hair With A Towel: Confessions Of A Curly-Haired Traitor

Yesterday I cheated on my hairdresser. The circs were thus: in an ill-judged fit of economy I cut my own hair last month and have been way too ashamed to face my normal hairdresser's justified wrath. So instead I slipped incognito into a nearby salon and asked only for "someone who will be kind about my lapse in… »8/15/08 1:00pm8/15/08 1:00pm

GMA Investigates: Could Straightening Your Hair Change Your Life?

Thanks to the reader who tipped us off to this segment from today's GMA. In the clip above, ABC News' Taryn Winter Brill sets out to answer the question "does my hair look better curly or straight?" in the most unscientific, sexist, and racist way possible. Brill asks an expert panel of five random white guys to rank… »8/12/08 5:00pm8/12/08 5:00pm