Another Day Feminists Helped Sarah Palin Make Us Look Like Hypocrites

I have to admit, I have never understood why Sarah Palin causes such antipathy among liberals, and especially liberal women. And, like the Washington City Paper's Amanda Hess, I think she's leading too many liberal women astray. » 6/15/09 4:30pm 6/15/09 4:30pm

Who's Crazier: Britney Spears Or The Rest Of Us For Giving A Shit?

So we all know that some shit went down at Casa Cuckoo (aka the Spears residence) last night, and that Jesus finally took the wheel in the form of nine police cars and three ambulances that delivered Britney into the hands of mental health professionals. But really, considering the amount of middle-of-the-night media… » 1/04/08 11:00am 1/04/08 11:00am

A new eating disorder has developed among diabetes sufferers called Diabulimia. Those who have diabetes do not produce insulin naturally, and therefore have to administer shots of insulin to maintain a healthy blood sugar and to digest carbohydrates. A common side effect of insulin is weight gain, so some people… » 11/08/07 5:45pm 11/08/07 5:45pm