"Palinizing" Prejean, Prejeanizing Palin: Two Conservative Women Look…

Carrie Prejean has complained of being "Palinized" — that is, discriminated against because she's a conservative woman — but she and Sarah Palin have more in common than just a victim complex. » 11/18/09 2:00pm 11/18/09 2:00pm

Carrie Prejean Visits Hannity, Today To Explain How She Was "Palinized"

Carrie Prejean has embarked on yet another media blitz, this time to explain away her "sex tape" and promote her book Still Standing — which maybe should be called Still Pretending I'm A Victim. » 11/10/09 9:30am 11/10/09 9:30am

Carrie Prejean To Write Book, Edify World

From the press release: "Now she will tell her side of the story, answering such questions as [...] how she has been forced to battle the left's double-standard on free speech." This instant classic comes out in November. [GalleyCat] » 7/20/09 3:20pm 7/20/09 3:20pm