Thighmaster: Madonna's Sticky, Not So Sweet Tour Looks

Madonna just kicked off the much-hyped "Sticky and Sweet" tour in Wales and we thought we'd bring you a little sampling of the getups in which she dances, jumps rope, simulates intercourse, squats, bumps and grinds with characteristic vigor. There's been a lot of talk about how this tour doesn't really have a defined… »8/26/08 1:40pm8/26/08 1:40pm

Ewan McGregor Represents "The World's Great Wildness" Cologne

  • Is no one safe from the lure of Designer Fragrance? Ewan McGregor is the face of Davidoff "Adventure." The cologne "explores uncharted fragrance territory. Its fresh spicy woody composition is daring and elemental, inspired by the world's great wildernesses and raw, masculine emotion." [BlackBook]
  • Avril Lavigne's…
  • »8/21/08 11:30am8/21/08 11:30am