Dear David: Everyone Knows You Can't Work with More Than One Rapper!

  • Sean Combs wants to work on a fashion line with David Beckham. But he can't. Because Becks is already working on a sneaker line with Snoop Dogg! [Fashionista]
  • Diddy also harasses mom-and-pop cufflink site "Cuff Daddy" for name infringement. Busy man! [TMZ]
  • Memories of fashion icon YSL. [NY Times]
  • Console yourself by…
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Sex And The City Movie Could Not Afford Clothes In Sex And The City Movie

  • It will not surprise anyone to learn that the clothes worn in the Sex & The City movie were not paid for by the movie's production budget but by designers hoping that product placement in the movie will result in clothing sales to actual people convinced that dressing like the characters in Sex & The City is a wise…
  • »4/23/08 11:30am4/23/08 11:30am