Gloria Steinem On Feminism, Sarah Palin: "It's Such An Insult"

For New York Magazine's »9/29/08 12:00pm9/29/08 12:00pm 40th anniversary issue, original contributor/feminist godmother Gloria Steinem and activist Suheir Hammad (seen above left) about Sarah Palin and the state of modern feminism, among other things. When Palin's name comes up, Steinem says, “It’s such an insult," and she goes on to add, "Having…


Ms. Matriarch To Daughter: "When Push Comes To Shove [Why] Can't You Vote For A Woman?"

Hey guys, guess what we're going to talk about again? Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton, race and gender! Today, the issue is brought to us by Ms. co-founder Letty Cottin Pogrebin and her daughter Abigail (pictured), who duke it out over on PBS because Letty can't understand why her daughter is for Obama. To Letty, "the… »3/12/08 4:40pm3/12/08 4:40pm

Are Young Women Denying The "Sexual Caste System" In The Presidential Race?

Gender and the Presidential race is a topic that's been on the media's mind today, what with Hillary's recent popularity plummet and her "crying" incident. Gloria Steinem, the godmother of second wave feminism, weighs in on Hillary and womanhood in an op-ed in the NY Times: "Gender is probably the most restricting… »1/08/08 2:00pm1/08/08 2:00pm