What We're Really Talking About When We Talk About Hillary Clinton Without Makeup

On Monday, the front and center picture on Drudge Report was Hillary Clinton's bespectacled face without makeup, because apparently we've talked about every other possible topic in the world. The picture of Clinton's face, which Matt Drudge helpfully tagged "Au Naturel," features the smiling Secretary of State's… »5/09/12 11:20am5/09/12 11:20am


People Invites You to Gawk at Zooey Deschanel Without Makeup

People magazine's Most Beautiful issue features Beyoncé on the cover, but inside, there are pages and pages of more Beautiful People, including a 10-page spread of female celebrities photographed wearing "not a drop of makeup." Ben Watts shot intimate, natural portraits of Rose Byrne, Julie Bowen, Paris Jackson, Zooey… »4/26/12 2:55pm4/26/12 2:55pm

This Week In Tabloids: Random Chick Claims She Miscarried Matt Bellamy's Fetus

Welcome back to Midweek Madness! Every Wednesday, we drink the Kool-Aid poured by Ok!, Us, In Touch, Star and Life & Style. This week, Katie Holmes is unofficially officially pregnant; Pippa Middleton is secretly engaged; Prince Harry has told Chelsy Davy that she's "next"; Brad's got a new tatto, inspired by… »5/11/11 3:25pm5/11/11 3:25pm

This Week In Tabloids: Aniston & Mayer Have Sex; Anorexic Stars Without Makeup

If it's Wednesday afternoon, this must be Midweek Madness, your weekly tabloid roundup source. Crappy covers this week, folks: Skinny stars, stars without makeup, Trista announcing her pregnancy, Jenny McCarthy talking about autism, and those kids from High School Musical »10/15/08 1:00pm10/15/08 1:00pm. But we took the time to mine the mags for…