The New Warby Parkers Will Have You Running from the Paparazzi in No…

It's obvious that you're what's hot right now. Producers blowing up your phone, agents fighting over you (publicly, too; how embarrassing — for them), maître d's practically mauling themselves on strategically-placed fici (plural of ficus) to get you the best table at restaurants with the word "bungalow" in their… » 2/14/13 11:59am 2/14/13 11:59am

Watch Zach Galifianakis & Tila Tequila Diss Jennifer Aniston

On the latest episode of Zach Galifianakis' Funny or Die talk show Between Two Ferns, he interviews reality star Tila Tequila about her love life, working with Adam Sandler, and which state she thinks is the is most expendable. It's a pretty great conversation, until some washed up Friends actress shows up to plug… » 2/09/11 4:47pm 2/09/11 4:47pm

Capri Anderson Says Charlie Sheen Choked Her, Does Not Like Being…

Today porn star Capri Anderson told Good Morning America that she's filing a lawsuit against Charlie Sheen today because he choked her, threw a lamp, and threatened to kill her. She's also upset because Charlie called her a whore. » 11/22/10 1:06pm 11/22/10 1:06pm

The Happy, Exclusive Sorority Of Backlash-Proof Actresses

Over the weekend, Hortense wrote about the inevitable backlash that takes place when a female star gets big. Which got us wondering: which women are backlash-proof? And why? » 6/21/10 6:00pm 6/21/10 6:00pm

Elizabeth Taylor Avoided Murder By Being Beautiful

"A Love Too Big To Last!" Proclaims Vanity Fair. (The words "too big" are plastered over Taylor's cleavage.) Though it might be more accurate to cite acute alcoholism, infidelity and ego as to why things didn't work out. » 6/01/10 1:00pm 6/01/10 1:00pm

For Better Or Worse, Rihanna Is A Role Model

Mark Harris, the former executive editor of Entertainment Weekly, has written a piece for the magazine titled "Rihanna Is NOT A Role Model." Unfortunately, he's wrong. » 3/16/09 4:00pm 3/16/09 4:00pm