Whose 'October Surprise' Will Be More Shocking, Gloria Allred's or Donald Trump's?

Donald Trump has been harumphing about a "bordering on gigantic" Obama-related bombshell that will "possibly" change the course of the entire election, but no one's been paying him that much attention, since dude tends to harumph a lot. But while we wait for him to unveil his "October Surprise" at noon today on… »10/24/12 10:50am10/24/12 10:50am

Staples Thinks You'll Pay More For Dunder-Mifflin Paper

When it comes to copy paper, Americans just want whatever brand's the cheapest, but Staples is hoping it can squeeze a few more dollars out of customers by offering Dunder Mifflin brand paper. The Wall Street Journal reports that the Office-themed packages "will be emblazoned with slogans such as 'Our motto is Quabity… »11/29/11 10:10am11/29/11 10:10am