DKNY, In Which We All Wish To Be Air Hostesses In The '60s

Welcome to fashion week, easy dichotomy edition. Let me lay this on you: You're probably either a scarf person or you're not. DKNY's spring collection is definitely for that first category of woman. » 9/13/10 1:50pm 9/13/10 1:50pm

Prabal Gurung Delivers Tasteful Dresses For Classy Ladies

Singapore-born, Kathmandu-raised designer Prabal Gurung today presented the kind of put-together collection that demonstrates why his work has quickly become a favorite of Michelle Obama, Demi Moore, and other women who value glamor, but also like being taken for grown-ups. » 9/11/10 8:05pm 9/11/10 8:05pm

Michael Angel Proves Minimalism Can Be Colorful, Too

"This sounds like the soundtrack to a sci-fi movie," murmured my seatmate just before Michael Angel's collection was unveiled yesterday afternoon at Lincoln Center. Futuristic mood, meet futuristic clothes. » 9/11/10 3:10pm 9/11/10 3:10pm

Everything You Ever Wanted To Know About Fashion Week, But Were Afraid…

Fashion week began today in New York. But if you're not one of those sprites who lives for capital-F Fashion, you may be wondering, What is the point of this thing and why is everyone there dressed like that? » 9/09/10 5:56pm 9/09/10 5:56pm

Balenciaga Gets Trippy, Courtesy Of Cindy Sherman