Brace Yourself: Annoying Picky Eaters Are the Future of America

I have Always. Hated. Picky. Eaters. I've had boyfriends who wouldn't eat anything but "kid food," like chicken tenders or whatever. I know a guy who is weird about beans. I had a friend in school who couldn't handle any food being mixed together. It always irritated the ever-loving kale out of me, because UGH WHAT IS… » 9/26/13 11:30am 9/26/13 11:30am

This Week We Crashed At The Intersection Of Fashion And Politics

  • We spent way too much time talking about Sarah Palin's sexy secretary garb and how much it cost and/or did not cost. But what we really want to know is how Palin gets her hair so big. Maybe her bouffant is built out of campaign secrets and the souls of unborn babies.
  • Maybe all Sarah needs is a good talking to from…
» 10/24/08 6:30pm 10/24/08 6:30pm

Rabbit Comes To The Rescue • Girls Are Great At Math

• An Australian rabbit named "Rabbit" totally saved his family » 7/24/08 5:30pm 7/24/08 5:30pm from a fire. (That's not him at left.) There's about this kind of thing. • Help from your daughter-in-law makes you less depressed, if you're ; help from your son, apparently not so much. • Girls as boys throughout primary and secondary school. Raise your…