Hell's Belles: MTV Looks At The Lives Of Young Southern Women

This weekend, MTV aired a documentary about "Southern belles" that kind of freaked out this Northeastern Jezebel. It's shocking that, in 2008, educated women feel like old maids at 24 years old, yet refuse to ask men out on dates. Such is the case with Leigh Ann, who says her greatest fear in life is becoming a crazy… »4/07/08 4:00pm4/07/08 4:00pm

Princeton Professor: Hillary Clinton Is A Racist Scarlett O'Hara

Melissa Harris-Lacewell's essay about Hillary Clinton on the new WaPo site "The Root" claims that many black women did not vote for Hillary in the primaries because of what she deems Hillary's "Scarlett O'Hara Act." Harris-Lacewell, an associate professor of politics and African American studies at Princeton, goes… »2/12/08 4:00pm2/12/08 4:00pm