Dizzyingly Beautiful and Intricate Looks From India Bridal Fashion Week

For every oooh and ahhh we reflexively burp up over Western bridal designs, the intricate and colorful wedding style of South Asia puts our stuff to shame. To wit: India Bridal Fashion Week just wrapped up, and the gowns, saris, and lehenga cholis sent down the runway in New Delhi were a hundred times more delightful… »8/12/15 12:51pm8/12/15 12:51pm


MIA's New Video Elevates Badass South Asian Warrior Women

Though MIA’s 2013 album, Matangi, was generally well received, it was not well understood. This was, in part, because of many Western music critics’ lack of curiosity about cultures outside their own, and specifically the music within; Matangi was an assertion of MIA’s globality, but also centered specifically on a… »7/15/15 10:50am7/15/15 10:50am

New Statistics Show Violence Against Women Is On The Rise In India

In the past few months, New Delhi, India, has been dubbed »8/25/08 12:00pm8/25/08 12:00pm the "rape capital" of South Asia. "The latest statistics are terrifying. And it clearly points to male rage," Shobhaa Dé, a novelist and popular social commentator, tells the . "Underneath our incredible social change, the Indian male is experiencing nothing…