Naomi Campbell Has "Pancake Bosoms," Rihanna Has "Saucer Nips" And Kristin Cavallari "Ruins" Pictures By Wearing A Bra

Welcome back to Missdemeanors, in which we accuse gossip bloggers of Crimes Against Womanity. We do this because the gossip industry is sexist, and only getting worse. These people are paid to write "gossip" but, 99% of the time, the words they use to go with celebrity pictures denigrate, critique, belittle and… »8/01/08 5:00pm8/01/08 5:00pm

Halle Berry Will Suffer In Black And White In Frankie And Alice

Ever notice how many female characters are "suffering" in Hollywood films? "She was suffering through a break-up," "the character was suffering from an abusive past," "she will play a woman who is suffering through cancer," et cetera. It seems like whenever writers want to throw some "depth" into their scripts they… »4/18/08 6:00pm4/18/08 6:00pm