One Woman's Horrible Experience with Texas' New Sonogram Law

So many ridiculous antichoice bills are introduced on a regular basis that, after a while, they start to blend together — a forced ultrasound here, a 24-hour wait there. This heartbreaking Texas Observer story, written by a woman affected by Texas' new sonogram law, is a necessary reminder that the laws we read and… »3/16/12 4:00pm3/16/12 4:00pm


Abortion-Seekers in Texas Must Look at Sonogram, as if They Didn't Already Know What Was in There

A judge has ruled that it's perfectly legal for the state of Texas to require women seeking abortions to first look at a sonogram, listen to the fetal heartbeat, and listen to a doctor's speil about possible dire consequences that could befall them for choosing to terminate their pregnancies. Don't Mess with Fetus! »2/08/12 4:10pm2/08/12 4:10pm

Texas Court Makes New Strides in Anti-Abortion Heinousness

Earlier this year, a judge ruled against a Texas law that would force women seeing abortions to have a sonogram at least 24 hours before the procedure, listen to the fetal heartbeat, and hear a detailed description of the fetus' limbs and organs. U.S. district Judge Sam Sparks found that the law violates physicians'… »1/11/12 2:00pm1/11/12 2:00pm