Rihanna's New Interactive Venture, As Explained By YouTube Commenters

There are many themes touched upon in the promotional video and really interesting interactive site for Rihanna's perfume, Reb'l Fleur. Being bad feels good, sometimes you want to step through the looking glass into a fantasy, being touched by faceless men is titillating, flowers look like vaginas sometimes, etc.… » 2/11/11 3:20pm 2/11/11 3:20pm

How The Beckhams Fake Intimacy For The Camera

There isn't any dialogue between David and Victoria Beckham in the commercial for Intimately Yours fragrances, so naturally we had to write some ourselves. » 9/09/10 1:00pm 9/09/10 1:00pm

Perfume News: Eat, Pray, Love, Reek

What the world needs now: More perfume! Fresh and Sony Pictures are launching fragrances based on Elizabeth Gilbert's best-selling memoir (and the soon-to-be-released film). Bottle a trip to India and a make-out sesh with Javier Bardem. We'll buy! [WWD] » 6/25/10 1:20pm 6/25/10 1:20pm

Mandles: The Man Candles That Stink. Literally.

Just in time for Father's Day, Mandles come in scents like "Fart" and "Freedom." Freedom smells like cinnamon, by the by. [The Sexist via Hysteria] » 6/01/10 11:40am 6/01/10 11:40am

Perfumes Are Usually Named Things Like "Lovely," "Happy" Or "Curious"

But "Alien"? Really? And "feel extraordinary"? Shouldn't it be "extraterrestrial-ly"? Or do they mean, "out of this world, and alluring to NASA employees"? I was so freaked out I ripped the page, sorry. Click to enlarge. » 11/23/09 2:30pm 11/23/09 2:30pm

Pop Quiz!

Can you guess what Justin Timberlake's new ad is for? A) A phone B) An mp3 player C) A scent. Give up? Here's a hint: Justin says:"I actually like my own funk smell sometimes." [People] » 8/06/09 6:40pm 8/06/09 6:40pm

"It Works Externally, Because That's Where The Trouble Starts"

"Why take chances? Starting today, why not use Pristeen as much a part of your bath or shower. It's just as essential to your cleanliness, And to your peace of mind about being a girl. An attractive, nice-to-be-with girl." [Vintage Ads] » 6/02/09 7:40pm 6/02/09 7:40pm

Breast Intentions

Uh oh. "If having malodorous armpits (called osmidrosis) and goopy earwax isn't bad enough, a discovery by Japanese scientists may add a more serious problem for women facing these cosmetic calamities. That's because they've found that a gene responsible for breast cancer causes these physical symptoms." [EurekaAlert] » 6/01/09 11:20am 6/01/09 11:20am

A Picture Worth A Thousand (Violent) Words

We thought we'd found the most offensive ad in the world. But the new WODE perfume (which, inexplicably, turns skin blue) gives it a definite run for its money. Slashing women's throats? Hott. [Independent] » 1/19/09 12:40pm 1/19/09 12:40pm

Scent Of A Woman

Police in Florida are seeking an arrest warrant for a man who assaulted his wife on Monday after she asked to smell his penis to determine if he had been sleeping with another woman. [TCPalm] » 12/18/08 10:20am 12/18/08 10:20am

Obsessing About The New "It" Body Part Is The Pits

In a story appearing in a recent issue of New York magazine, Corrie Pikul, a self-professed "rampant perspirer," tested some sweat-prevention solutions. Secret Clinical Strength anti-persperant? "I still developed big splotches at the gym," she writes. She also tried Drionic Iontophoresis kit, which sens a mild… » 7/25/08 2:00pm 7/25/08 2:00pm

How Do You Describe Something You Can't See, Feel, or Hear?

So there's a story by Jim Lewis on Slate about perfume. Not just about perfume, though — about writing about perfume. The story is linked to a book called Perfumes: The Guide, by husband and wife team Luca Turin and Tania Sanchez. I used to write about music, which I always thought was really tough; somehow the… » 5/01/08 4:00pm 5/01/08 4:00pm

Oldies But Goodies

You don't even have to read all the copy in this vintage ad. Key words and phrases jump out at you: "smell nice," "warmth and moisture," "miracle-worker" "dry and fresh and confident." Yeah, in case you didn't figure out already that it's deodorant for your stinky vadge (because wimmins smell "down there") one look at… » 3/28/08 3:40pm 3/28/08 3:40pm

Oldies But Goodies

What has more sexual subtext than a horse? A unicorn! That's why this 1984 ad for Magical Musk is so awesome. And by awesome we mean bad. There's just something off about the critter. Also, Magical Musk is "the fragrance of hidden powers" and there's some sort of mist emanating from the horse's ass. Why not just call… » 1/11/08 3:40pm 1/11/08 3:40pm

Delicious Scents Make You Drop Cash

A new study reveals that when your appetite is whetted, you're more likely to impulse buy, reports EurekAlert. Scientists have discovered that a delectable aroma can make you purchase something you can't really afford: Female study participants in a room with a hidden chocolate-chip cookie scented candle were much… » 1/09/08 5:30pm 1/09/08 5:30pm

Drowning In Perfume? You Might Be Depressed

Researchers from Tel Aviv University recently discovered a link between depression and the olfactory glands. "Our scientific findings suggest that women who are depressed are also losing their sense of smell, and may overcompensate by using more perfume," explains Professor Yehuda Shoenfeld. The good news? "People who… » 1/03/08 5:30pm 1/03/08 5:30pm

The Chinese Greenfamily Youth Association of Environment Protection's new campaign reminds us that pollution is crappy! The association's idea of erecting billboards of bare asses over drainage holes really gets to the bottom of the problem — and who doesn't enjoy being the butt of a joke? Haha, polluters, urine… » 12/05/07 6:45pm 12/05/07 6:45pm

Miss Sixty Flagship Store Opens; Stinks

Entering the party for the opening of the Miss Sixty flagship store here in New York last night, photographer Nikola Tamindzic and I were immediately overcome by the awful stench of grease, fried food, and rank meat. Cater waiters did their best to move gracefully through the crowds with trays of pigs in a blanket,… » 11/30/07 3:00pm 11/30/07 3:00pm

Something Stinks

In a comic-strip style vintage ad, the lovely woman at left is having trouble getting a job. She's persistent, but gets turned down again and again. Finally, her prospective employer breaks it down: Homegirl's got B.O.! After she showers with Lifebuoy, the "health soap," our heroine enjoys the sweet smell of success.… » 11/27/07 12:45pm 11/27/07 12:45pm