Documents Reveal Palin Family Drama, Sarah's Hypocrisy

Sarah Palin may think "socialized medicine" is the enemy, but Bristol and Levi don't seem to have a problem with it: Palin's grandson Tripp is reportedly receiving federally-funded health care. And: Levi has never paid for health insurance. [Huffington Post] » 2/22/10 11:40am 2/22/10 11:40am

Are We Ready To Confront The Boogeyman of Socialized Medicine?

Ever since the townhall hollering sessions, the idea of socialized medicine has been lobbed at politicians as a way to reframe the health care discussion. In Newsweek, a writer opines on why a socialized of view medicine benefited her. » 10/01/09 10:00am 10/01/09 10:00am

Rush Limbaugh Has A Crush On Obama

I know, craziest headline ever. But it's the truth! Rush Limbaugh not only loves Obama, he's totally gay for Obama, he probably voted for Obama, and he's got a shrine to pay homage to Obama. » 3/03/09 10:00am 3/03/09 10:00am

A new study out of Cambridge University reveals why we did so well in college: The more sexual partners students have, the worse they perform in school. Also, students who have had more sexual partners tend to go to worse schools than those who have done less sleeping around. And oddly enough, the survey also found… » 1/25/08 6:45pm 1/25/08 6:45pm