World Cup Thighlights: And Then There Were Two

Sunday in Johannesburg, Spain and Netherlands will compete one last time for gorgeous glory. Odds are on Spain to take the match, but who'll take your breath away? In our ongoing celebration of athletic perfection, this is the final showdown. » 7/09/10 6:30pm 7/09/10 6:30pm

World Cup Thighlights: A Tribute To Our Fallen Heroes

As we dribble our way towards the tournament's end, we've bid farewell to many gifted men. So we'd like to take a moment of (relative) silence to honor some of those whom we've most recently had to say goodbye. » 7/07/10 7:06pm 7/07/10 7:06pm

World Cup Thighlights To Carry You Through The Weekend

Today we've got lots of below-the-waist glory — not like that, pervs. Focus! Specifically, focus on Hendry Thomas of Honduras and Tranquillo Barnetta of Switzerland, amongst others. » 6/25/10 4:20pm 6/25/10 4:20pm

Your Daily World Cup Thighlights

Our attention spans yesterday were devoted to the complete awesomeness of Team USA's last-minute win — but there were plenty of other achievements worth noting. Take, for instance, this beautiful moment between Serbia's Dejan Stankovic and Aussie Marco Bresciano. » 6/24/10 3:00pm 6/24/10 3:00pm

Today In World Cup Thighlights

The U.S. just had an spectacular last-minute win over Algeria, which means we're going to the next round! But more on that later. First, in our ongoing study of the perfection of athleticism, a look back on yesterday's best moments. » 6/23/10 12:40pm 6/23/10 12:40pm

World Cup Thighlights: A Portuguesa

In honor of Portugal's epic 7-0 beatdown of North Korea (take note, Dear Leader), today's edition of the tournament's physical highlights will be devoted to the Selecção. And you can't talk about the Selecção without talking about Cristiano Ronaldo here. » 6/22/10 12:00pm 6/22/10 12:00pm

Your World Cup Weekend Thighlights

There were plenty of abs this weekend, to be sure — but there are so many other parts of the athletic form that deserve recognition. Like legs, those rippling staples of the beautiful game. » 6/21/10 12:30pm 6/21/10 12:30pm