Nighttime Soap Uses Murdered Boy Pic As Prop • Most YFZ Custody Kids Returned To Parents

• The photo of a 6-year-old boy from Georgia who was kidnapped and killed last year was inadvertently used as a prop »10/31/08 5:30pm10/31/08 5:30pm in a scene on . The photo has since been edited out. • Towels "soaked" in kangaroo pee are being a Canadian town in hopes of luring a missing wallaby back to its pen. • A for the dogs of the homeless…


Style Ditto: Shove Over Lily Allen, Look Who's Coming To 'New Look'!

  • "If I could just do one thing for 24 hours it would be [have sex] . . . or sew. Or have sex while sewing. Or sew an outfit to have sex in." So says singer Beth Ditto, which is why the plus-sized Ditto is now collaborating with New Look to become the most unlikely (and kinda awesome!) celebrity clothing endorser yet. [
  • »7/03/07 10:28am7/03/07 10:28am