Smoosh Sing On Yo Gabba Gabba!

Last year, teenage sisters indie pop group Smoosh appeared on the children's television show Yo Gabba Gabba! » 8/12/08 11:00am 8/12/08 11:00am and it reran this morning. Here's a clip of the girls singing their song "Pajama Fun Time." Around the time when their album She Electric was released (2004) was when mainstream audiences first began hearing of…

British Educators Wonder Why More Girls Don't Play Guitar

Most rock bands these days consist of several near-emaciated, floppy haired boys who wear very tight pants and play their guitars slung low near their penises. Delightful girl group Smoosh (pictured here), notwithstanding, where are all the rocking lady guitarists? Maybe there's a dearth of female guitar players… » 4/11/08 12:00pm 4/11/08 12:00pm