Watch a Penis Shrink and Fade in Finland's Anti-Smoking Campaign

The Cancer society of Finland has devised a fun slash sick way of showing the effects smoking has on the human body, using flaxen-haired models and a photo slider for "before" and "after" examples. » 10/22/13 6:00pm 10/22/13 6:00pm

Why Do We Still Think Smoking Is Sexy?

Cigar Aficionado cover celeb Michael Douglas quit smoking four years ago. Recently, he was diagnosed with throat cancer, and according to reports, there's a chance he could lose his voice. And yet: Smoking still holds a certain sex appeal. » 8/19/10 1:12pm 8/19/10 1:12pm

Party Crashers Slammed In Sin City • Michelle Obama Reflects On The…

• Despite their pleas to help "poor Haitian children," a Vegas crowd booed party-crashers Michaele and Tareq Salahi, reports People. "We're sick of it," says Tareq. "We were invited to the White House and that will come out." • » 1/19/10 6:20pm 1/19/10 6:20pm

Is That An Ash Tray In Your Pocket?

Japanese manufacturers, who keep making products for needs we didn't know we had, are now selling a pocket ash tray. It's available in five colors, but those concerned with the implications of making smoking fashionable can focus the fact that it keeps butts off the ground. [Random Good Stuff] » 1/12/09 11:45am 1/12/09 11:45am