Millihelen Is Dead, Long Live Millihelen

From the day we started this here “beauty” blog, it’s felt like we’re getting away with something. Here was a site where old people and ugly people and fat people and jerks could talk about fashion and beauty however we liked, and as if our opinions mattered. We also never took bribes, never did product placements,… »11/20/15 3:04pm11/20/15 3:04pm


The Women of Pawnee Ruled Parks & Recreation 'Til the Very End

Leslie Knope left our televisions forever last night. She rode figuratively into the sunset with Parks & Recreation, ending its seven season run, and a little bit of us went with her—the exact parts of us that utilized and relished our lives watching religiously for the past six years. Those years are gone and I can… »2/25/15 5:10pm2/25/15 5:10pm