Want To Win an Oscar? Play a Wife or Criminal 

Over at Fusion, they have a breakdown of all the fictional professions that have garnered a Best Actor and Best Actress win. They found that while 16% of women have won for playing wives, 13% of men have won for playing criminals. » 2/22/15 1:00pm 2/22/15 1:00pm

"Jessica Simpson Farts During Business Meeting"

This headline of the day is brought to you by Us. The article goes on to quote an "insider" who said, "The tension was extreme. No one knew what to say." [Us] » 1/28/10 11:20am 1/28/10 11:20am

The Live TV Marriage Proposal: Sweet Or Scary?

If you haven't noticed, it's a painfully slow news day, which is probably why Today decided to give a man some camera time so he could pop the question to his galpal. » 1/02/09 12:00pm 1/02/09 12:00pm