Baby Sloth Refuses to Eat without a Suitable Cuddle Buddy

It's time to learn a lot of very interesting facts about baby sloths, first and foremost among which is the technical term for a baby sloth is baby sloth, or baby Megalonychidae/Bradypodidae. Excellent! Moving right along, baby sloths really like to hug, nuzzle, and generally do all of the adorable things we demand of… »7/22/12 8:00pm7/22/12 8:00pm

Watch Kristen Bell Adorably Lose Her Shit Over a Sloth

For Kristen Bell's 31st birthday, fiancé Dax Shepard decided to surprise her with a visit from her favorite animal, the sloth. The excitement of the introduction was too much for Kristen to handle and ended up sending her into a complete emotional breakdown. The whole thing caught on tape is truly something to… »1/31/12 10:30am1/31/12 10:30am