Sleepwalking Linked to Depression, OCD, and Hilarious Sandwiches

I feel like sleepwalking (along with its no-account brother, narcolepsy) is one of the last medical conditions that people feel totally comfortable making fun of. Nobody at the block party is like, "Hey, did you hear about Ted? He's got impetigo!!!" [Huge laugh.] Because that would be rude. Sleepwalking, though, is… »5/15/12 11:10am5/15/12 11:10am

Swedish Man Will Employ Somnambulist Defense in Rape Trial

A 27-year-old Swedish man who was accused last June of raping a sleeping woman has claimed that he too was asleep during the incident, citing an (unrecorded) history of somnambulism and sexsomnia in his defense. Though rare, sexsomnia is an actual medical condition whereby people do not merely have intense sex dreams… »3/25/12 2:30pm3/25/12 2:30pm

3-Year-Old Girl Goes for Mile-Long Walk by Herself in the Middle of Night

This ought to set your heart into overdrive: Hope Trott, a 3-year-old from Maine, woke up in the middle of the night on Wednesday and left her house all by herself. She then proceeded to walk a mile in fresh snow to a grocery store, because apparently she thought her mother was inside buying a pizza. It's not clear… »2/23/12 11:15pm2/23/12 11:15pm