France May Pass a Law Banning Too-Skinny Models

France is reportedly likely to pass a bill that would ban very thin models from being featured in advertising campaigns and fashion shows. » 3/17/15 1:30pm 3/17/15 1:30pm

Banned Skinny Model Once Saw Another Model 'Faint Through Lack Of Food'

The Daily Mail identified the model whose "socially irresponsible" swimsuit photos were recently banned by the U.K. Advertising Standards Authority as 21-year-old Scottish model Amanda Hendrick. Hendrick, who has been working as a model since she was 14, had a pretty great spring-summer runway season: she walked for… » 11/17/11 1:00pm 11/17/11 1:00pm

Ad Banned For Featuring Model With 'Highly Visible' Ribs

Britain's Ad Standards Authority has banned the web-based ad above, calling it "socially irresponsible." According to the media webisite Campaign, » 11/11/11 5:10pm 11/11/11 5:10pm

Bar Refaeli Tweets About "Shaky And Hungry" Models, Has Account Closed

The Sports Illustrated covergirl's agency denies that the now-suspended Twitter handle @IAmBarRefaeli was ever the real Refaeli's account, but whoever was using it Tweeted to-and-fro extensively with other models, and posted apparently authentic behind-the-scenes pictures at jobs. So, you know. » 9/02/10 3:19pm 9/02/10 3:19pm

Australia Kinda Cracks Down On Skinny Models; Tom Ford Making Another…

Sign Of The Times: Male Mannequins Get Skinnier

Just when the "curvy" debate with regards to female models is heating up, New York magazine reports that display mannequin manufacturer Rootstein has debuted a new item, the "Homme Nouveau." This "new man" has a 27-inch waist. » 5/03/10 2:40pm 5/03/10 2:40pm

Is The Fashion Industry Getting More Diverse Or Are Models Still "Too…

Last week, images from a Glamour magazine shoot — featuring Alessandra Ambrosio, Crystal Renn and Brooklyn Decker — popped up online. Three women with different body types, posing in bikinis? Cue the shitstorm! » 3/15/10 12:40pm 3/15/10 12:40pm

Coco Rocha Speaks Out About Models' Health; Crystal Renn To Walk In…

Miss J. Fights With Tyra Sometimes

This week, Tyra henchman/runway coach extraordinaire Miss J. Alexander stopped by the Hue-Man Bookstore to promote his book. He talked about being the seventh of ten children, coming out, and the son he had with a French lesbian. » 2/05/10 2:00pm 2/05/10 2:00pm

Cindy Crawford On Feminism, Modeling

Cindy Crawford: "I think the girls that are models now, that's just their body. Did fashion celebrate thinness more? That's a different question. And you can't fault the models for that." But what about eating disorders? » 11/12/09 12:30pm 11/12/09 12:30pm

Anna Wintour Is Worried About The Models

Miuccia Prada Puts End To Fashion Week Apartheid!

Nothing Comes Between Kate Bosworth And Her Calvins

Benetton Gets Sucker Punched

Dove Makes Earth-Shattering Commitment To Ban The Use Of Those Waify…

Nothing warms the cockles of our hearts more than when the owner of every leading ice cream brand (and also Slim-Fast!) decides to round out its offerings for the binge-purge demographic by inventing a new line of "firming" anti-cellulite lotions marketed under the auspices of aggressive self-acceptance. Unilever, the… » 5/08/07 1:30pm 5/08/07 1:30pm

Claudia Schiffer: Fashion Victim?

Much has been made about the frighteningly-emaciated appearance of today's high-fashion models and how much their BMIs differ from that of the women (Cindy, Linda, Naomi, etc). who made modeling the high-profile industry that it is today. We're not here to hash over whether Jessica Stam-skinny is that much scarier… » 4/04/07 3:55pm 4/04/07 3:55pm