The "No Diet Diet": If It's Not A Diet, Why Do They Have To Write About It?

Might I direct your attention-and-subsequent-inattention to a stubborn meme that Needs to Die Now? It's the "no-diet diet." (Oxymoronic, and moronic!) I don't feel like searching through the archive of Cover Lies to prove that the "no diet diet," which is basically the same as the "French Woman Don't Get Fat Diet"… »5/13/08 6:20pm5/13/08 6:20pm

Eating Disorders Can Turn You Into An Alcoholic. Is That So Bad?

Why will an anorexic tormented by the prospect of eating a single grape gladly knock back a few glasses of wine? The New York Times pondered the dilemma of "drunkorexia" this weekend and came up generally with the answer: because it makes you drunk, duh, and drunkenness cures everything, including most of the brain… »3/03/08 1:30pm3/03/08 1:30pm

Even 95-Pound Women Have Fat Parts They Want Lipo'ed. Like Toes!

Dear Readers: yesterday I failed you. I critiqued Page Six Magazine without so much as reading the cover-touted "Size Zero Sucks: The New Liposuction For Skinny Women." I didn't read it because I was pretty sure I'd read about this new rash of 95-pound women getting express-line liposuction in the the past six months… »10/16/07 1:00pm10/16/07 1:00pm

Can Poverty Make You Thin? Yes! But Not Unless You Follow Our Rules...

A new and obvious story out of the U.K. today warns us that "just running errands and cleaning the house and going about your business as usual" is NOT enough to make you thin. But another story in the Times indicates that the whole errands/living everyday life thing is totally making people thin in Cuba! The… »10/09/07 11:30am10/09/07 11:30am

Nicole Richie, Kate Moss Et. Al. Possibly Total Fatties On The Inside

Turns out celebri-skinnies can be both ugly and fat on the inside! British researchers are reporting that outwardly-thin people may have more fat deposits inside their bodies — particularly around vulnerable organs like the liver or pancreas — than their visibly-overweight counterparts. For over a decade, Dr. Jimmy… »5/10/07 6:02pm5/10/07 6:02pm