Should Africa Get Royalties For Matthew Williamson's Latest Collection?

  • The Ethiopian Intellectual Property Office — the same outfit that shook down meek little Starbucks! — is charging British designer Matthew Williamson with the theft of traditional African fabric patterns, to which his rep says: "Historically, Matthew Williamson bases his collections on the idea of a modern girl who…
  • »12/13/07 11:00am12/13/07 11:00am

Harper's Bazaar Dresses Up Kids Like Pretentious Designers (And It's Totally Awesome)

  • For its 140th anniversary issue, Harper's Bazaar styles little kids to look like mini-versions of our favorite (and not) fashion designers. And oh my god, is it awesome. (Please note mini-Olivier Theyskens, at left.) This is 10 times better than that Simpsons fashion spread, which was itself pretty freaking inspired,…
  • »10/19/07 10:00am10/19/07 10:00am

Minnesota Already Has Cheap Vera Wang At Area Kohl's Stores

As if the city hadn't already played host to enough monumental occasions involving, uh, "wang" this week, MINNEAPOLIS ALREADY HAS "SIMPLY VERA" FOR KOHLS, according to Minneapolis/St. Paul magazine style blogger (and Replacements fan!) Sara Glassman. That's right. Now. Not September 9th. And girlfriend says get thee… »8/28/07 11:00am8/28/07 11:00am