More Notable Quotables From Simon Doonan

"No one respects an upward trajectory any more — transcending the grittiness of your home-town and heading for the spangly corsets of the big city. For me there's nothing wrong with being nouveau riche. It's about clawing your way to the top and not clambering down through the sewer. The American dream story is a bit of … » 4/28/08 3:30pm 4/28/08 3:30pm

Five Quirky Quips From Wonderfully Wacky Simon Doonan

Barneys creative director Simon Doonan is profiled in WWD today. He's got a new book, Eccentric Glamour (one chapter is called "Say No to Ho"), and his interview is chock full of amusing witticisms and quippy bon mots, especially if you recall that he says it all in a crisp British accent. Of convincing Donatella Versace … » 4/10/08 5:00pm 4/10/08 5:00pm