'Black Madam' on Trial for Illegal (and Deadly) Butt Injections

This week in butt news, here's a bunch of totally horrifying butt news. A "a transgender gothic hip-hop artist" who goes by the name Black Madam is on trial for allegedly administering illegal (and sometimes lethal) silicone butt injections. Like ya do. After the procedure, one 23-year-old client began vomiting blood and … » 5/17/12 7:00pm 5/17/12 7:00pm

FDA Warned About Dangers Of French Breast Implants, But No One Listened

After more than 30,000 women in France received dangerously toxic breast implants manufactured by Poly Implant Prothese (PIP), new information has come to light that's making it clear the now-bankrupt company should probably have been shut down a long time ago. » 12/27/11 10:50am 12/27/11 10:50am

France May Pay To Replace Leaky Implants, But Only For Cancer…

Last week some of the roughly 30,000 French women who received faulty breast implants in the past decade protested outside the French health ministry, demanding that the government pay for the removal of the implants. Several of the women have developed cancer, and today officials said that if a link is established… » 12/20/11 10:28pm 12/20/11 10:28pm