Chicken Attacks & Other Terrible Sick-Day Excuses

This list is pretty good generally, but we have to give the "Chutzpah Prize" to the employee who called in sick from a bar at 5pm the night before. » 10/28/10 2:47pm 10/28/10 2:47pm

Bridalplasty TV Show Combines The Worst Of Two Worlds

What happens when you pair two gross, emotionally exploitative themes in TV for women: Plastic surgery shows and wedding shows? Bridalplasty. The apocalypse is nigh. » 9/16/10 2:19pm 9/16/10 2:19pm

The Voice Of Daria Speaks, Takes Questions

In an interview with Can I Get A Man With That, Tracy Grandstaff, who voiced Daria, addresses some lingering issues surrounding our favorite Misery Chick, and answers questions from Diablo Cody, Tavi Gevinson, and Jane Pratt in that dulcet monotone. » 9/10/10 6:15pm 9/10/10 6:15pm

"So Where Did All The Darias Go?"

Marisa Meltzer: Eight years after Daria, "the super-smart, dry, withering, righteously angry girls are largely absent from pop culture. For every sassy adolescent...our current teen cultural landscape is clogged with heroines whose principal interest...are status and men." » 7/23/10 3:45pm 7/23/10 3:45pm

91-Year-Old Widow Lived With Family Corpses

91-year-old Jean Stevens lived in her Pennsylvania home with the embalmed corpses of her husband and twin sister for more than a decade, until police were tipped off last month. Click to watch the news report. [AP, Buzzfeed] » 7/06/10 2:16pm 7/06/10 2:16pm

Daria: A Love Letter From A Former Teen Nerd

MTV's long-lost cult cartoon Daria finally comes out on DVD today. Revisiting the series eight years after its demise reminds me that I have Daria to thank for surviving my teens and emerging with smarts and sass intact. » 5/11/10 4:40pm 5/11/10 4:40pm

Google Explains Racist Search Results

Apparently, if you search for Michelle Obama in Google images, the first thing that appears is not a likeness of the First Lady, but instead an extremely offensive and racist picture. » 11/24/09 2:30pm 11/24/09 2:30pm

North Carolina Mother Accused Of Human Trafficking After 5-Year-Old…

Less than a week after her 5-year-old daughter, Shaniya Davis, was reported missing, Antoinette Nicole Davis has been arrested and charged with "human trafficking, felony child abuse, prostitution, filing a false police report, and resisting, delaying, or obstructing police." » 11/15/09 1:30pm 11/15/09 1:30pm

Body Of Missing Florida Girl Found In Georgia Landfill

Ugh: Authorities identified a body found in a landfill as Somer Thompson, 7, who disappeared Monday. Says Somer's aunt: "I don't think there's anything kill a child and dump her in the dump like a piece of trash?" [AP] » 10/22/09 9:20am 10/22/09 9:20am

Female Pastor Sentenced To Life In Prison For Abusing Adopted Daughters

65-year-old Jessica Banks, a former pastor, has been sentenced to two consecutive life sentences plus 36 years and 8 months, after being found guilty of drugging and sexually and physically abusing her five daughters, aged 4 to 11. » 9/19/09 1:50pm 9/19/09 1:50pm

Boys Attempt To Set 5 Year Old Girl, Battling Cancer, On Fire

Police are currently searching for two boys, aged 7 and 10, who sprayed 5-year-old Scarlett Hellewell, who is currently battling cancer, with aerosol deodorant and attempted to set her on fire. The match, luckily, did not light. [DailyMail] » 8/22/09 4:15pm 8/22/09 4:15pm

Finally: Daria To Be Released On DVD

It's taken MTV eight years, but Daria is finally going to be released on DVD in 2010. We can all let out a collective, monotone "Yay." To celebrate, we've compiled some of our favorite moments of the apathetic teen antihero. » 7/06/09 4:30pm 7/06/09 4:30pm