These Rooms Are Just for the Ladies

For too long, women have been forced to endure the tyranny of hotel rooms that were not designed specifically to meet their needs. But good news: our collective suffering is over because there is a new trend of hotels creating rooms that are just for women. What, exactly does this mean? Well, at the Dukes London, it… » 1/30/12 10:00am 1/30/12 10:00am

Gay Teen Suicide Rates Higher In Conservative Areas

A troubling report in Pediatrics confirms what you may already suspect: gay teens attempt suicide more often in politically conservative areas where schools don't have programs supporting gay rights. » 4/18/11 3:10pm 4/18/11 3:10pm

Insure Your Marriage, Because A Prenup Isn't Enough

Tired of scrolling through gift registries? For that pragmatic couple who has everything, why not get them something more lasting? Enter the inevitable Divorce Insurance. » 9/20/10 4:40pm 9/20/10 4:40pm