Assigning All Blame For Everything To NBC News President Steve Capus

John McCain has told us all that he didn't want to go negative, it's just that no one was paying attention to him when he wasn't acting like an asshole, what with the long Democratic primary season and the historic nature of the Democrats' options and whatnot. So, he had »9/15/08 10:00am9/15/08 10:00am to go negative. Don't you see? and don't…

Oprah Helps Grown Man Go Poo Poo On The Potty

Yesterday's Oprah was all about people with extreme obsessive compulsive disorder. She shipped a group of them off to a camp with Dr. Oz and an OCD specialist, both of whom were given the difficult task of helping one man overcome his fear of sitting on a toilet seat — any toilet seat. The guy can't even crap on the… »5/22/08 11:00am5/22/08 11:00am