Ladymags Now Using Non-Ladylike Language

In November of 2011, Cindi Leive, editor in chief of Glamour magazine, wrote the coverline "12 Ways to Get Your Sh*t Together." Then for the September 2012 issue, there was a coverline "Sh*t Girls Say About Clothes." Yes, in both cases, the "i" in "shit" was an asterisk, but still. It should have been a pearl-clutching moment: … » 1/02/13 10:55am 1/02/13 10:55am

'Pack Your PlayStation & Get Out' And Other Shit Black Girls Say

As a board-certified black woman, I am just going to go ahead and say I think Billy Sorells' "Shit Black Girls Say" is funny. Better acting than in "Shit Girls Say," for one. And both "duh-lete" and "it is so hot in here" are in my repertoire. I have not yet had the good fortune to say, "pack your PlayStation and get out," but… » 12/20/11 2:10pm 12/20/11 2:10pm