She's Got The Look And The Runway Walk To Match

TV Land's She's Got the Look—the ANTM for the AARP set—is a really good show. Or maybe the genre of modeling competitions within the genre of reality TV is just up my alley. But really, all the women on that show are gorgeous, not to mention total characters. My favorite is Karin, a 40-year-old Swede who marches to… »6/19/08 6:30pm6/19/08 6:30pm

She's Got The Look: "Old" Is The New "Plus-Size"

Today, TV Land aired a 30-minute preview of She's Got the Look, which is basically ANTM for the over 35 set. I was kinda skeptical about the show (so is the NY Times), but I changed my mind after watching this preview and seeing the absolute crazy ladies auditioning (and cast!), the bitchy looks judge Beverly Johnson… »6/04/08 2:30pm6/04/08 2:30pm