Discussion Of Racist Epithet Brings Elisabeth Hasselbeck To Tears

Things got really heated on The View today during a discussion of the N-word. The gals were talking about that tape on which Jesse Jackson can be heard uttering the racist insult, even though he was one of the main proponents of banning it. Anyway, Elisabeth Hasselbeck was trying to tell Sherri and Whoopi that they… »7/17/08 2:00pm7/17/08 2:00pm

The View Co-Hosts Engage In Girl-On-Girl Action At The Request Of A Gay Man

Today, Mario Cantone was on The View — on which he regularly appears as "the gay friend" — to plug his latest movie, Sex and the City, in which he appears as "the gay friend" to an entirely different group of women. The View ladies asked Cantone if he thinks they'll finally win the Daytime Emmy they've often been… »5/29/08 2:30pm5/29/08 2:30pm