Europe's First Drive-Thru Brothel Apparently Working Out Great In Zürich

After one year of experimental operation, social services in Switzerland are calling the "sex drive-in" in Zürich "a success." They're saying it's allowed for better regulation of prostitution which in turn has made the situation safer for people on both ends of sexual transactions. »9/02/14 5:49pm9/02/14 5:49pm


Get Turned On at the Antique Vibrator Museum

The Antique Vibrator Museum is the brainchild of founder Joani Blank, who decided to put her 20-years-worth of antique collecting on display in order to educate the general public about the cheeky history behind the vibrator. Turns out, Sears was selling your Grandmother more than just vacuum cleaners in the 60′s. The »10/17/13 10:16pm10/17/13 10:16pm

Chill Out, Everyone: You Can Still Get Freaky on Camera and Have It Not End Up Online

An alarming study that claims the "vast majority of homemade porn and private photos end up online" has recently been reported on by CBS News. How much is the vast majority, you ask? Well, the ol' Columbia Broadcasting Station is saying that up 88% of your lo-fi sex vids and pictures could end up on internet porn… »10/24/12 12:25pm10/24/12 12:25pm