‘Packs of Young Men’ Are Driving the Boom in Spain’s Human Trafficking Industry

Recent news of the Spanish National Police rescuing a 19-year-old woman from a Romanian prostitution ring serves as a conspicuous bright spot in much larger narrative of Spain's sex tourism industry, which is unfortunately thriving due to what the New York Times describes as "packs" of young French libertines… »4/07/12 1:30pm4/07/12 1:30pm


Spanish Police Rescue 19-Year-Old Woman Tattooed with a Barcode from Prostitution Ring

Spanish National Police have rescued a 19-year-old woman after concluding an investigation into two Madrid prostitution rings operated by Romanian nationals. A pimp who'd been holding the woman captive tattooed a barcode on her wrist after she tried unsuccessfully to escape. According to the CNN report, the barcode is… »3/25/12 11:30am3/25/12 11:30am