Is Surviving A Sex Change The True Sign Of A Good Marriage? Or Just…

Yesterday the New York Times ran a story about one of those married couples that stays together after the husband gets a sex change. I'm not sure how many married couples like that there are; it's one of those things that I feel like I'm hearing about all the time, but it could be the same married couple I saw on Oprah » 4/28/08 6:00pm 4/28/08 6:00pm

Shrinking Violets Have Shrinking Life-Spans

  • A new study indicates that women who keep quiet during marital disputes have an increased risk of dying from heart disease compared to women who speak their minds. Oh Katie, you're so doomed. [LA Times]
  • Thinking about getting pregnant? Want a baby girl? Get stressed. Want a baby boy? Get fat. [DailyMail, ScienceDaily]
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